Project Description

Small production budgets don’t mean cutting corners

We produced this half-hour TV show for The Nature Conservancy of Arizona to profile some of the important work they’re doing in Arizona to conserve water resources. And we did it for a fraction of what most half-hour programs cost. Why? First, because we believe in supporting work that is critical to our state’s well being. Second, because we put together a solid plan of collaboration with the folks at TNC, so that we could maximize filming and other production time but still tell a complete story of the initiatives they’ve undertaken: aiding farmers in the Verde Valley use water wisely to maximize the resource; helping to facilitate logging in Arizona’s overgrown Ponderosa pine forests so they will allow more rain and snowfall to reach watersheds and lessen the chances of catastrophic wildfires. These are stories that cannot be told in 30 seconds and would lack depth in a commercial. We wanted these ideas to resonate with viewers because these concepts will play a significant role in Arizona’s water future.