Project Description

Compelling stories that educate

The folks behind the Desert EDGE initiative in Scottsdale wanted residents to have a deeper understanding of the positive impacts the proposed $61 million Desert Discovery Center would have on the Gateway Trailhead area of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Paint It Black TV featured lead designer from Thinc Design, Tom Hennes, and the lead architect for Swaback Partners, John Sather – in their respective elements – to lend a more organic feel to their interviews. Designs for the Center include experiential exhibits to engage and educate visitors of all ages and stages, fueling their desire to explore the surrounding desert and to understand the importance of protecting this island of Sonoran desert amid a sea of increasing urbanization. Buildings were limited to a small footprint, so as to make minimal impact on the views of the rugged lands the Center is designed to protect. In addition, Desert EDGE was designed to to host research conducted by Arizona State University’s Global Drylands Institute – which is helping unlock the mysteries and teaching us the lessons this land has to teach us. As the world becomes increasingly arid, more people will need to lead a sustainable life in desert areas and having a Center such as this is integral to the understanding of life in such an ecosystem.