Project Description

Digital Marketing Campaigns that perform

If you live in the desert, there aren’t many more compelling stories than those about your water. And it’s no coincidence several of our clients have deep roots in ensuring sustainable water supplies to Arizona residents. So when Central Arizona Project – the enterprise that 80% of Arizona residents rely on to deliver their water – decided they needed a new marketing campaign to highlight their impressive system, they turned to Paint It Black TV for our expertise in telling stories. The trick? They didn’t want us to use narration to tell their story. We employed a snappy stomp clap theme and dynamic text to offer up a glimpse of the massive scale of the operation they constructed to bring Colorado River water hundreds of miles to Phoenix and Tucson. This spot was such a hit they asked us to create shorter versions that resulted in a wildly successful digital campaign. Our work outperformed their previous campaign by more than double in click-throughs and over ten times in driving traffic to their YouTube page. Talk about results. CAP isn’t the only company that delivers!